Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Most Promising Midsized Family Sedan: Nissan Altima!


On the basis of recent market analysis and test drives, one car which has emerged as a winner among the rest of its midsize counterparts is the 2013 Nissan Altima. The redesigned avatar of this new car is all set to impress the drivers with its fun filled performance and practical usability.

The company has come up with several modifications in the interior of the car with high boost in the fuel economy of the car. Nissan Altima emerges as a practical family sedan with fun hidden in its every roll. The continuously variable transmission or CVT has been provided with an overhaul, which has proved to be a very strong point for the modified car. The all-new 2013 Nissan Altima comes with all new smooth operation and immediate supply of power.

Amazingly, most of the incorporated changes in the vehicle are being accepted by people with open arms. Reviewers are strongly impressed by the high quality interior material, roomy trunk and cabin, high comfort seats, and much more. Moreover, the car comes with optional safety features found in the expensive cars of the league including detection of the moving object, monitoring of blind spot, and lane departure indication. However, there exists a conflict amongst the reviewers on the conservative design pattern of this beautiful car. While some say that the company has played it very safe with the interiors of the car, others are impressed with the simplicity of the design pattern.

With this car you can avail yourself of the hybrid fuel economy without having to pay for the electric motors or battery packs. Moreover, as confirmed by the National Highway safety Administration (NHTSA) recently, the car has been certified with a 5 star overall safety standard. With its hood, roof, and trunk made out of aluminum and tough body steel, the modified sedan is much lighter than its predecessors. Nissan Altima comes with curved body panels, aggressively attractive headlights, and the exact amount of required chrome.

Lest the loud engine of Nissan Altima, there's nothing significant to complain about this midsized sedan. High on style, performance, fuel efficiency, and affordability, the new Altima is the latest choice for all midsize family people. The company has incorporated features of high gas mileage and impressive technology, keeping the sporty identity of the car intact. With the fuel economy reaching the mark of 40 mpg on highway, Nissan Altima is undoubtedly the winner in the race of all midsized cars.

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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

LaFerrari Is The Fastest Ferrari Ever


The fastest Ferrari ever built is LaFerrari, which when translated from Italian to English reads: "The Ferrari." The name is a fitting one because the new model, powered by a gas-electric hybrid drivetrain, makes 963 horsepower combined.

Prancing Horse

The prancing horse brand debuted its newest model at the 2013 Geneva International Motor Show, gull-wing racing performance coupe that can go from 0 to 60 mph in under 3 seconds. Just 499 models will be built and parent FIAT claims that every model is already spoken for. Many of the models are destined for China where demand for Ferrari and other top-end models has been surging in recent years.

LaFerrari registers the fastest lap times on Ferrari's own lap near its Maranello, Italy headquarters. Automotive News reports a 1 minute, 20 second lap time there, a full five seconds faster than the Enzo and still three seconds faster than the F12 Berlinetta.

Potent Powertrain

Under the hood is a 6.26-liter V-12 engine that makes 800 horsepower. A 120-kilowatt electric motor adds in 163 horsepower to deliver the combined 963 horsepower and makes 664 foot-pounds of torque. Like other Ferrari's this model is paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.
LaFerrari is Ferrari's first hybrid offering and judging by its racing credentials it may also be the best model it has ever built. This vehicle employs active aerodynamics, to achieve the handling characteristics required to operate at high speeds. Weighing in at about 2,800 pounds, the two-seater makes use of carbon fiber materials, and comes in stiffer and more rigid than the Ferrari Enzo.

Helping to keep LaFerrari firmly planted is a set of Pirelli P Zero performance tires -- 19-inch rubber up front and 20-inch rubber in the back. New Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes ensure that this race car comes to a safe stop. Handling characteristics found in the Ferrari's F1 series has been ported to this model including an electronic differential, and stability and traction control systems.

F1 Cabin

Inside, the cockpit was designed by F1drivers. The seats feature pronounced bolstering and the flat bottom steering wheel is outfitted with multifunction switches. An adjustable pedal set allows for driver customization and a digital instrument cluster provides the expected read outs.

Production of the 2014 LaFerrari begins this year and will continue through 2014 until the last model has been made. Likely, LaFerrari will inspire future Ferrari models as the prancing horse brand demonstrates that hybrid electric vehicle goodness is the right choice today.
Matt Keegan is a freelance automotive writer. He is also a contributing writer for Andy's Auto Sport and affiliated websites, an aftermarket supplier of quality auto parts including Fabtech Lifts and KYB Shocks.
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