Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Water Into Fuel - Beat the Gas Companies at Their Own Game

By Austin Warty

Rather than allowing the gas companies to make you suffer, why not take matters into your own hands by turning water into fuel? Imagine doubling your gas mileage and slashing your gas costs in half. This is something that thousands of people are making a reality by building their own water into fuel kit.

This solution is not just for mechanics and car enthusiasts. Anyone that can follow a set of instructions can build their own water fuel system. After visiting your local hardware store to purchase the materials you need, you can have your water for gas kit ready to install. Hooking up your water fuel system from there takes moments, as it simply requires making a few connections to your car battery and the manifold under your hood.

This is nothing complex. If you know how to screw in a light bulb, you are capable of turning water into fuel in order to double your gas mileage. There are no permanent changes to your car, and uninstalling it is a snap.

But if this actually works, why haven't you heard about it in the past?

Actually, this technology has been around since World War II, but most people really haven't been affected by gas prices this bad since the 1973 oil crisis. Now everyone's clamoring to find alternatives to increase fuel efficiency and reduce their gas consumption. Secondly, in the past you would have to spend thousands of dollars to purchase a hydrogen generator to get these results. Modern technology now allows the do-it-yourself person to achieve the same effect with under $100 of supplies.

Now you can literally make a trip to the hardware store, follow your blueprint to build your water fuel system, and have your kit installed in a matter of a couple hours. That means in just a few hours from now your car can be running off the gas that is produced from water.

Not only will you save money by drastically reducing the amount of fuel your car burns, but there are many additional benefits for using a water fuel system. For one, the combustible HHO gas that is produced can boost engine performance while reducing fuel emissions. Your car can run smoother and quieter while nearly eliminating greenhouse gases that your automobile emits. In fact, you may be eligible to receive a $2,500 tax rebate for your conscious effort to use an alternative fuels.

That's just the beginning. Find out all the benefits and how to turn water into fuel. Imaging that just a few hours from now your car can be getting twice the gas mileage. Find out how by visiting

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use water in car said...

Being the bread of our family, I am really after money saving ideas. Saving money from gas expenses is really amazing and of course very important for me.
I also love it because it is safe and is not health hazard.
I hope this product will continue to exist, and may all experts find more ways to earn and save money from our daily expenses.

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