Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Dead Prius Battery Used to Equal $3500 - Up Until Now

By Mike Lynch

If you have a dead Prius battery, you know exactly what I am talking about. Chances are, you have taken to your local shop and you have been told that it is going to cost you upwards of $3500 for a new battery. And of course, this probably does not include labor!

In the past, Prius owners would have to simply pay the thousands of dollars to replace the dead Prius battery. There was no alternative! You either buy the battery or you get rid of your car. Now a majority of the Prius batteries that are failing are model years 2001 through 2003. Can you take a quick guess as to why these batteries are so expensive?

It is simply supply and demand - that is it!

As these model year cars get older, more of the batteries are starting to fail. This gives the manufacturers the ability to charge this kind of money to replace a dead Prius battery. There is some good news however. Prius owners are no longer forced to buying a new battery. The technology exists that will allow you to rebuild your battery!

Is that not good news!

It works like this -

1. Diagnose the problem. This is the process of determining what exactly is wrong with your battery.

2. Purchase the parts needed. This is where you identify the parts that you are actually going to need to rebuild the battery (this is actually REALLY easy!)

3. Remove you old battery from your car.

4. Rebuild the battery. For this, you are going to want some instructions on how to exactly do this both safely and properly.

5. Re-install your rebuilt battery.

You see, inside your dead Prius battery are what we call cells. These are essentially individual power sources (think of them of just little batteries). As your Prius gets older, these cells begin to fail. And as you can imagine, the main battery will too fail as the cells start going bad.

What can be done is simply "swapping out" those bad cells with good cells. That is it! Not only are you saving thousands of dollars on a dead Prius battery, but you are also keeping another battery out of the garbage dump!

DO NOT buy a new battery! A dead Prius battery is something that YOU can repair yourself! To learn just how you can do this, visit

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