Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hybrid Cars - The Way to Go For a Better Environment and Efficiency


Several years ago, we might have not been able to see hybrid cars in roads and freeways. But nowadays, as more people have been aware about the great advantages these cars have offered, gradually, they have been becoming as mainstream as the conventional engine cars have been. So, it no wonder that many car companies, governments and big institution are racing in developing this kind of engine in order to get more advanced yet more efficient hybrid technology.

Hybrid cars are overwhelmingly positive and a remarkable innovation in the automotive industry and they are generally more fuel-efficient than their conventional counterparts (compared to similar models). They are also designed to operate in the same range of conditions and temperatures as conventional vehicles.

Environment wise, hybrid cars are great for air quality, they save money at the pump, and they make the owner feel good. They can reduce smog output by 90 percent and they consume far less gasoline than conventional cars. They can run up to 55 to 60 mpg in city driving, while a typical SUV might travel 15-20 miles per gallon, or use three times as much gas for the same distance.

Hybrids are also better than all-electric cars because hybrid car batteries recharge as you drive so there is no need to plug in. Moreover, most electric cars cannot go faster than 50-60 mph, while hybrids can. Most electric cars need to be recharged every 50-100miles. These cars are part battery-electric cars and part conventional cars. The main principle of all hybrid vehicles is the use of a temporary energy storage device (usually a battery), which makes the main engine operates at close to its maximum efficiency.

These cars are primarily gas powered cars with electrical motor assist. Some hybrid cars are qualified as "clean fuel property" by the IRS. Some hybrid SUVs like the Lexus RX 400H are even SULEV rated (super-ultra-low-emission vehicle), appealing to the environmentally conscious new customers. Many hybrid vehicles are coming to market in the form of hybrid cars, hybrid trucks, and hybrid SUVs. Here are some examples of hybrid autos:
· Lexus RX 400H Hybrid
· Lexus GS 450H Hybrid
· Honda Civic Hybrid
· Honda Accord Hybrid
· Toyota Prius Hybrid
· Toyota Camry Hybrid
· Toyota Highlander Hybrid
· Ford Escape Hybrid

And all in all, hybrid cars are, of course, playing a large part in the current era of the green transportation revolution. In the past decade, they've gone from avant-garde curiosities to mainstream objects seen in parking lots everywhere. So, hybrid car anyone?

Hadi Setiadi is a WWF supporter and actively promotes green environment campaign. He likes music and he writes about musical instrument equipment [http://www.leatherguitarstraps.info] in his website www.leatherguitarstraps.info [http://www.leatherguitarstraps.info].
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