Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Water Hybrid Cars


Is there such a thing as Water Hybrid Cars?
This is a very popular question at the moment. When first hearing about the technology of water fueled engines, I thought probably the same thing as you are probably thinking right now, something on the lines of - you can't run a car on water, that is a load of hype. How can a car engine run on water? These are statements a lot of people say to themselves about this technology. The researched information about the water hybrid car technology was amazing and this technology was found out to have been around for over 100 years.

Over 100 years unknown to the motor industry, a car that is able to run on water! Why would car manufacturers fail to build a water fueled hybrid car for the major car companies to promote? Put simply, they make so much money and revenue from vehicles that run on fossil fuels (petrol/Diesel) that if they invented and brought out the water hybrid car, the worlds oil/fuel economy would be affected dramatically. So it is easy to work out why the people who benefit from gas prices increasing do not want you, me and others to know about the possibility of a water hybrid car being available to save major amounts of money on fuel costs.

How would any car become a water hybrid car you may ask? Well this is very simple to do, your car engine can be converted to become a hybrid engine (the meaning of this is it can become duel fuel). Your car engine burns gas (created by the fumes from your fuel source i.e. petrol/diesel/bio diesel/cooking oil) inside the carburettor, this gas is ignited (combusted- exploded) to make the parts of your engine move. This is how all vehicle engines work, so for your vehicle to become a water hybrid car you would need to install what is called an hho generator technology to your engine. Then it will be able to be converted into a water hybrid car ( very similar to converting a car to use liquid petroleum gas).

How does someone convert their engine? Where do you get the hho generator technology from?
This is very simple - there are full review pages and information sites which can be researched to be fully informed on:
1) How this technology really works?
2) Where to get the hho technology from?
3) How much one of these generators will cost?
4) What will the cost be to convert my engine into a water hybrid car? Depending on size of engine etc approximately $80 - $140

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