Tuesday, July 09, 2013

VW Jetta Hybrid


When it comes to a hybrid sedan, Volkswagen will not be left out. Up until recently, the only Volkswagen sedan you could get for fuel efficiency was a diesel, which was just as full efficient as the hybrids, there was still demands for Volkswagen to make a hybrid sedan. Beginning in 2013, the VW Jetta hybrid will be available for loyal VW customers who have been wanting a hybrid over the fuel dependent sedans.

The Features

The VW Jetta hybrid has many amazing features and comes with the same build of the popular body style of the regular Jetta. Just like its predecessor, this little car is spacious, powerful and dependable, all of which help to build the VW brand. The Jetta hybrid actually reached the 50 mile per gallon mark, which blows the competition away. If it is the features about the Jetta that you love, not to worry as they are all features in the Jetta hybrid also.

In essence, the Jetta sedan that VW customers love so much is Jetta in hybrid form. The only complaint has to do with the navigational system that customers do not seem very thrilled with. Even though the system is up to date and useful, it does not provide traffic information. For those customers who have a Smartphone, the GPS system does provide this feature so not having this feature on the hybrid is just slightly inconvenient.

The Price

Besides the navigational system, the only other bad thing about the Jetta hybrid is the price tag, which may cause loyal VW lovers to shy away. A basic model sedan comes with a price of just around $25,000 with a fully loaded sedan fetching a price tag of just over 35,000, which is a bit pricey. This price averages out to be about $5,000 more that the competitors for a fully loaded version.

Unfortunately this price may make loyal VW owners rethink getting a hybrid even though there are very few complaints regarding the hybrid. It is well built, provides a smooth ride and all the features are well liked.

All in all, most people seem very pleased with their purchase of the 2013 Jetta hybrid even though the price is a bit high and it does not have all the features other vehicles have. Still, it is fuel efficient, luxurious, and reliable plus the fact that it tested extremely well and comes with a company that will be there to help you should any issues arise. The bottom line is that the 2013 Jetta hybrid delivers on everything it promises like fuel efficiency with a smooth quiet ride and all the competitors do not.
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