Friday, July 31, 2009

The Lexus GS 450h, LS 600h, LS 600h L, and LS 460.

Lexus is the luxury division of Japanese automobile manufacturers Toyota. Lexus has been making luxury cars and have since 2005 added two lines of cars that offer hybrid variants along with the petrol engines. The Lexus GS 450h is the hybrid version of the Lexus GS. The car is packed with devices and ensures a very comfortable and smooth ride.

The electric motor along with the petrol engine means the car delivers wonderful performance with very low emissions. Just like all luxury cars, the engine is full-sized and powerful. A 3.5L petrol engine along with an electric motor powers the GS 450h. The Lexus LS is a luxury four-door saloon that is really spacious and comfortable. The Lexus LS hybrid again presents a petrol and electric power combination, which makes it a great powerful car with very low emissions. The Lexus LS was one of the first hybrid cars developed by Lexus.

It's at speeds greater than thirty miles per hour the petrol engine kicks in and gives the Lexus LS the power required to move this huge luxury car. Like all luxury cars, the drive and ride of the Lexus LS is outstanding. Both the Lexus GS and the LS are offered in pure petrol engines or in hybrid variants. The hybrid versions save on fuel use and decrease emissions.

The petrol engines on these cars are somewhat thirsty. This is logical as these are big, heavy luxury cars. The third hybrid car offered by Lexus is the Lexus RX. This luxury car only exists as a hybrid. The Lexus RX was the first hybrid car manufactured by Lexus. The third generation Lexus RX is a fantastic luxury car, which delivers an exceptional performance.

The hybrid engine combination makes the Lexus RX a very fuel-efficient car, and for this reason, most of the companies favor this car for their executives. The Lexus RX offers a comfortable and luxurious passage. Furthermore, that is what clients expect from a top quality executive car. Lexus has used a unique design in powering its hybrid cars.

There is the petrol engine that is assisted along with an electric motor under the hood. A second electric motor is fitted at the back, and this provides extra power to the car. The batteries for the electric motors are placed in a lower compartment of the car. These electric motors decrease the power requirements of the petrol engine without compromising on their performance.

The hybrids are not gas-guzzlers, as one would expect in such big luxury cars. However the cars are heavy, with fabulous interiors and passenger comfort. Lexus is frequently trying to improve on its hybrid cars and will be adding more hybrid cars to its lineup of luxury cars.

Trendy, classy and voguish with a mesh of eco-friendly attributes that is what the Lexus LS Luxury High Performance Saloon is. It is a luxury car with no finest luxury qualities omitted. This car comes in three models: LS 600h, LS 600h L and LS 460. LS 600h is the main car of the lot and delivers significantly low carbon dioxide emanations; in fact, just about 219 gram for every kilometer. LS 460 renders acceleration from zero to 62 mph in an even shorter time, that is, 5.7 seconds.

Lexus LS is a hybrid drive. As a matter of fact, it is the world's most powerful hybrid car. It holds a five-liter petrol engine joined with an electric motor.
The car works on electronic power alone at low speeds and readily shifts into the V8 engine as speed increases. LS 460 come with the world's first 8-speed automatic transmission. This increases fuel efficiency. The interior of the car is just as remarkable. The centre console displays the touch-screen control panel. The intelligent parking assist option directs the driver park in a rendered space.
The car's capable system reckons the amount of space and parking angle and then controls the steering to park at same time the driver controls the car's speed and brakes. The car has a brilliant sound system, which is very well suited to the car's acoustic properties. You can also use touch screen or voice control options to make use of the intuitive navigation control of the car.

Lexus LS even comes with safety arrangements to minimize the chance of accidents. It offers highly developed obstacle detection, driver monitoring system, lane-keeping assist and all around air bag protection. Hybrid cars have emerged to be a well-liked and alternate option to usual vehicles. Hybrid cars are recognized for their environment friendly operation and least expenditure of natural resources i.e. gasoline.

There is a great variety of hybrid cars presented in the UK market. Luxury sedans of Lexus, branded under Lexus LS 600h sell like hot items due to their tremendous driving record and less releases.

Test-driving a Lexus LS 600h requires some smart approach from your side.
You can look into the braking power and transmission system of the car. Try applying sudden brakes in a succession and changing gears rapidly to understand the dynamics of the car. LS 600h cars have a firm, but comfortable steering wheel that is very easy to navigate. Also, the automatic transmission shows that you will have minimum disturbance in driving the vehicle.

Another thing to search for in a test drive is the fuel economy. These cars are installed with highly sophisticated fuel trackers that enable you in obtaining information about the total amount of fuel utilized and remaining. As you will be driving a hybrid vehicle, it would be a superb idea to switch quickly to electric mode. After all, hybrid cars are meant to be driven on electric driver-motors in most cases. You can examine the power of these batteries by taking a longer test drive and fully utilizing the electric system to find more about the vehicle. You can test the speed, acceleration, brakes, and transmission system while on the electric mode.

You should not panic or return the car quickly. Test drives are meant to be the actual litmus test before buying a vehicle.


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