Thursday, August 13, 2009

Car That Runs on Water - The 4 Most Frequent Questions

By Peter C. Jones

Fantastic Savings

One of the biggest advantages of opting for a car that runs on water is the fantastic savings that you will be making. This technology is one of the best ways to save money.

Better Performance

Further, your car will also perform better over longer periods of time. There are many individuals who insists that the engine becomes quieter and the car performs better as one uses this technology

A brief overview of how this technology works

The electrolysis of the water begins after the installation of the kit, which is connected to the battery and the electrical system for power generation. The power is used to converts water into HHO gas. The gas combines with gasoline to enhance combustion and improve efficiency.

The 4 Most Frequent Questions on Car that Runs on Water:

1- Is there any safety risk involved?

As long as you follow the instruction manual properly and fulfill the requirements, there is absolutely no security risk

2- Does this pollute?

If your car uses water converted into gas, your gasoline will burn better and will pollute less. HHO gas improves performance by reducing pollution.

3- How tough is the installation process?

You need not know a lot about cars and need not even be good at installing things. This is because this guide is a step by step model. Just follow the instructions and you can install the water conversion kit in a jiffy. All you need is some material that you can purchase from a hardware store.

4- Does the kit have a harmful effect on the engine?

Better fuel combustion means better performance and lesser wear and tear. Your engine does not become dirtier or is not negatively affected. A clean engine lasts much longer than a dirty one. Rather, its performance only improves. All this contributes to a lot more savings on your gas bill.

Click here to check the easy step by step tutorial that showed Peter exactly how to assemble a conversion kit for a car that runs on water He doubled his fuel economy and enhanced the performance of his vehicle in a very easy way!

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